For Men

Do you want to drive her wild? Train for the game!

Do you want to satisfy and connect with your partner at a deeper level? With the Sex to Impress Workout Alfred Kendrick has created a system to help you realize your fitness goals while improving your sex life!

  • Be the man in the bedroom
  • Go all night with increased endurance
  • Give her a hard body to hold onto
  • Pick her up with your strength
  • Engage in more positions with your flexibility
  • Have a more satisfying sexual experience for you and your partner

Our Exclusive Workout Video Includes:

  • Position Segment
    • Tips and Secrets you don’t know about some of the most popular sex positions
  • Transitions Segment
    • Learn to take control with confidence
    • Step-by-step instructions in how to maintain physical connection with your partner during position transitions
  • “Sexhibtion” Segment
    • Sexual positions and movements like you’ve never seen before
  • Workout Segment
    • Tone your body and specifically train the muscle groups needed for men to be better lovers
  • Stretching Segment
    • Find out which stretches are most important for the bedroom

For Men

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“After doing the Sex to Impress Workout I was able to show my girl things she had never seen before!  Also it was an amazing workout! Definitely gave me more motivation working out for the end game”- Josh 2014

“Sex to Impress Workout finally showed me what I should be working out for – how to really impress her in the bedroom! I will never look at working out again the same!” – Mike 2014

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