For Women

Do you want to become a goddess in the bedroom?

Do you want to satisfy and connect with your partner at a deeper level? With the Sex to Impress Workout Alfred Kendrick has created a system to help you realize your fitness goals while improving your sex life!

  • Feel more confident and sexier in the bedroom
  • Get tight, toned and lean with a full body workout
  • Turn him on with your flexibility, flexible is sexable!
  • Improve core strength to maintain any position
  • Increase your sex drive, and build a deeper connection with your partner

Our Exclusive Workout Video Includes:

  • Position Segment
    • Tips and Secrets you don’t know about some of the most popular sex positions
  • Transitions Segment
    • Learn to take control with confidence
    • Step-by-step instructions in how to maintain physical connection with your partner during position transitions
  • Movements Segment
    • Outlines the ‘motion in the ocean’
    • Understand how to move and flex your body to maximize pleasure, satisfaction, and make your partner happy
  • “Sexhibtion” Segment
    • Sexual positions and movements like you’ve never seen before
  • Workout Segment
    • Tone your body and specifically train the muscle groups needed for women to be better lovers
  • Stretching Segment
    • Find out which stretches are most important for the bedroom

For Women

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“Doing the Sex to Impress Workout gave me the confidence to move in ways I have never tried before! My husband was pleasantly surprised!” –Sara 2014

“I had never really made the connection between working out and Sex until doing the Sex to Impress workout! It makes so much sense! It was nice to know that doing a workout can satisfy me and my partner in new ways!” – Ashley 2014

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