SPICING UP A RELATIONSHIP: Handstands Before Handcuffs

So you want to spice things up. Often times, in long-term relationships, couples start looking for ways to keep the excitement in the relationship.  A trip to the sex shop?  Maybe.  Toys, edible underwear, handcuffs- yes, these can all be fun props to bring into the bedroom but before you make a purchase why not work with what you already have?  Many people think that sexual positions are limited to 3 basic go-tos: missionary, cowgirl (woman-on-top), or doggie style.  If you’ve ever peeked at the Kama Sutra you’ll realize there are many more options to experiment and play with. The Sex To Impress Workout will improve both your flexibility and strength so you’re physically ready to try anything from the “Wheelbarrow” to the “Rocking Horse.” In addition we give you step-by-step instructions on sex positions and transitions.

Check out our teaser for a taste of how to do it….



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