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Why did Alfred create Sex to Impress?

For 14+ years I have worked as a personal trainer. I work with people’s bodies, strength, endurance, and flexibility. On a daily basis I am assessing people in these categories. I noticed that the average person is not capable of holding themselves up for more than a few seconds, doing the splits, and moving their hips (the motion in the ocean!).

I started to wonder, how are they capable of having great, long-lasting, physical sex? As a result, I started putting clients through tailored workouts for Better Sexual Performance, and the results were AMAZING!

I realized that people want this type of training but are hesitant to ask for it. So I created this workout that everyone could have access to in the comfort of their own home!



Stream It Now!


Stream It Now!

What Do You Really Know About Sex_

What do you Really Know about Sex?

As an adult, Sex is something we are all supposed to master according to our current social standards. However, how can we be expected to be on the same page as our partner for something we were vaguely taught and often times misinformed about?

Sex is a beautiful experience shared between partners; nevertheless, it has been classified as Taboo, and it’s often viewed negatively to speak of one’s sexual experiences.

Most young Men are educated about sex through Porn. BAD IDEA! In addition, they learn from slightly older guys who are also badly experienced. As a result of this endless cycle, many guys do not know how to handle, communicate, engage, and satisfy a woman.

Women are left to learn about sex through gossip, romance novels, movies, and Societal Expectations. Very often women have unrealistic and obscured viewpoints on how to have a harmonious sexual experience. It’s difficult for women to compete against the images that they see on TV and in the Media.

Why Not Sex?

Society, Science, and Media readily spread information about how to reduce heart disease, diabetes, lose weight, and tone muscles. If you want to get your body in shape to become a better runner, golfer, or tennis player, the information is readily available at your fingertips.

Sex is perhaps the single most physical activity that all adults have in common!

As a MAN, do you have the ability to lift your partner up and hold yourself up, and the stamina to perform until she climaxes?

As a WOMAN, do you really know how to Ride, using the female’s natural range of motion and flexibility to drive him crazy?

Why Not Sex_

Is Your Partner Satisfied_


In the Sex to Impress Workout, I am going to teach you how to embrace your partner, work with your partner, transition with your partner, and engage your partner physically.
Like a gymnast, whose entire repertoire is learned, you could learn to do fitness exercises to please your partner 100 times over!

SEX is probably the most physically exhausting, complicated, and challenging activity that you do!

It’s scientifically proven that physical training improves

physical activity!


I’m saying sex is your sport, it’s your show, and if you want to perform well, Sex to Impress Workout will show you the way!

Let’s think about sex in the bedroom: you have to hold yourself up, Move, Stretch, Lift, and Support.

You’re working hard, you’re breathing hard, and you are expending energy! You may even have to fight off a leg cramp or two at times while powering through some uncomfortable positions. This can be hard work.

It’s okay to sweat all over your partner; it can even be sexy, but just not in the first minute!!!

The exercises in this workout specifically target the muscle groups that are dominant during sex. For example…

Men, in your workout, you will perform inverted pushups and other exercises to target the triceps, deltoids, pecs, and the core. This will give you the muscle strength and endurance necessary to dominate the doggy-style position and to satisfy her!

Women, in your workout, you will perform a variety of pelvic raise exercises to tone your thighs, butt, and lower back. This will give you the ability to control your pleasure in the missionary position and more.

Men, do you feel confident being Shirtless?

Women, do feel comfortable walking around Naked?

The Sex to Impress Workout For Men or For Women gives you a full-body workout tailored to you. Get the video to start experiencing results today!

There is a video to make you better at Sex!
YES, there is actually a video to teach you how to be better at SEX.

About Alfred Kendrick

Alfred Kendrick, founder and creator of FIT ARTS, is a Hollywood-based personal trainer who attracts a variety of clients that include celebrities, super-models, performers, and athletes because of his unique workout routines and programs that are specialized to individual body types.

Alfred’s Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Florida State University and experience as a Martial Artist and Acrobatic Performer make him a rare instructor and performer. His trademark teaching techniques of body movement, fitness and performance are what inspired him to create his unique program known as FIT ARTS.

As an acrobatic performer, Alfred has been featured in over a dozen TV and commercial appearances, along with over 500 live performances worldwide. He has worked with Rihanna, Dancing with the Stars, Red Bull, and more.

About Alfred Kendrick

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