Why Fitness is Important for Great Sex!

Sex is probably the most physically demanding activity shared by adults. It
involves all the major components of fitness: muscular endurance, strength,
cardiovascular health, flexibility, and body composition. You could almost
predict a person’s sexual prowess based on strengths and weakness in these
areas. There is a direct correlation to having a high level of fitness and
increased sexual performance. Of course, there are many other factors to
having an amazing sexual experience. I’m not talking about romance skills, but
more capability and the motion in the ocean. You could be a Casanova in the
bedroom but if missionary is the extent of your sexual positions, have the
hip flexibility of a 90-year-old man, or if you have to throw in the towel two
minutes into the act, you are missing out.
I believe your fitness workout is a necessity for great sex. If you’re not
motivated to work out for any other reason let it be for your sex life! Think
about it, you have to hold yourself up, move, stretch, lift, and support. You’re
an athlete, you’re a performer, you’re a contortionist, you’re gasping for breath,
and you are expending energy. It’s a serious full body workout!
If you want to Do It Better, figure out where your weaknesses lie- if its
flexibility, get stretching. If its stamina, tailor your workout to improve
muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. The Sex to Impress Workout
covers all this and more. We give you the complete package!
If you want to learn more please visit my website:
By: Alfred Kendrick, Fitness Sexpert

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